Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me & my girl

Hi!!! I been so busy this week with my husband, until now I got the chance to post something.
This was made with some of the Oct. Swirlydoos kit and brown Maya Road mist.

Sorry for the bad photo of my lo but I took probably like 20 and This was the best I don't have Idea what I'm doing wrong, Any way,
This is Just Sophia and I used Prima.


Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!!! XOXO


  1. I love what you did with the Prima stitched paper....I still have I am also going to cut it looks just beautiful.

  2. I LOVE these LOs and that card is adorable. Oh, and I think some colors just don't photograph well. I have the hardest time scanning and photographing reds.

  3. Did I tell you....I received your picture on Thursday! Thank you SO much for the bookmark! I love the Petal Soft stuff...we don't have that over here, but thinking I need to get ahold of some to try for a class. Did I tell you....I went to the scrapbook store tonight and finished your shadowbox! YEAH! I can't wait to ship it, hope you will like it. I too take terrible pictures of my pictures never do my work justice...but it they come out nice I'll post on my blog.

  4. SUCH beautiful work Darien!!! You and your daughter are gorgeous!!! Your work keeps getting better and better!

  5. hi there darien. okay so i haven't taken a picture of the box yet, i brought it to my class today because i will be teaching a class like it in december and they all loved it soooo much, so i left it there to show again today for my classes and tonight i'll bring it home so i can take a picture....but i think i might have to make you wait until you get it! but if you are like me i hate surprises so i'll let it be up to you if you want me to post the picture. heehee! have a great day!


Thanks for the beautiful comments!