Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lucky in Love

This is my stepson Jordan and his girlfriend, They always together or talking over the phone and is so funny and cheesy to see him looking at her! lol.
Any way, I wanted to do some thing different of what I usually do, hope one day I find out what is my style! Is like music I love different styles of music I can not just settle with one style...
Thanks for looking!!!
This is my niece!! This one was made with my Sep. Studio calico's kit


  1. I love how you do d mask,Darien.btw, ur son? hard to believe it when i see you first.. :)

  2. I can't believe you have a son old enough to have a girl-friend! Great job on the masking - those are fun to use. About finding your style - mine is always evolving so just go with what you love - try new ideas and techniques and just enjoy creating!

    Your sweet comments about my Grandmother were greatly appreciated, Darien, thank you.

  3. great layouts!! I love the masking!! And oy, the boyfriend and your daughter ... that's making me afraid ... lol, my daughter is only 3.
    I don't know my style either! ;)

  4. I forgot to specify that he is my stepson, and Yea makes me afraid too! My daughter is only 18 m.!!!!

  5. Gorgeous layouts!! I love the masking!!!

  6. I LOVE the masking on the first layout! All of your layouts are wonderful!

  7. wow ! your masking technique is uber cool , Darien !!!! do you add stickles or glitter after misting ?! the bling is so dazzling !!! love it !!!! beautiful work you do !


Thanks for the beautiful comments!